Our Story

Toxy & Company was created with the intention of bringing awareness to life itself, not taking it too seriously and just having fun exploring the outdoors and everything life has to offer. Children discover new things about the world everyday and enjoy new experiences and exploring their world, so why should we stop as adults? Living in such a fast paced world, we forget to enjoy the little things and stop exploring our world. Toxy & Company is determined to bring quality, up-scale fashion to an affordable price for the everyday individual while encouraging those to enjoy the little things and continue to explore the outdoors. 
Toxy & Co started as a nighttime dream, and quickly turned into a developing idea, and into a reality in 2019. California is one of the most unique areas of the world possessing deserts, large mountain ranges, the world's smallest mountain range, volcanos, cold and warm beaches, 300 state parks, and of course, palm trees. Located in the same town as Chico State, and Sierra Nevada, Toxy & Co. strives to provide you with your next favorite shirt for both style and comfort.
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